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About Us
Real Estate Republic is the brainchild of a Real Estate instructor who has been teaching several different real estate courses for over 40 years, is still teaching, and continues as a practicing broker today. He has one of the longest real estate careers in the state of California and one of the oldest continuously operating brokerages in the country. As an ex-marine, he learned that discipline and education is needed to excel in everything he does. He sets high standards for himself and expects others to do the same. Today he works as a Real Estate Broker with 47+ years experience and 6 professional designations that include:
  • GRI – Graduate Realtors Institute
  • CRS – Certified Residential Specialist
  • RECS – Real Estate Cyberspace Specialist
  • SRES – Seniors Real Estate Specialist
  • CREA – Certified National Real Estate Agent
  • RIM – “Registered International Member” International Real Estate Institute.

It is with his strict criteria that real estate agents are hand-picked so that he can be proud to have them work for you! With Real Estate Republic, you’re not getting an agent, you’re getting the Best agents to sell and buy your next home!